Airports near Lake Sebring

28 airports found

Avon Park Municipal Airport
Bass River Airpark
Blanket Bay Airport
Bright Hour Ranch Airport
Chalet Suzanne Air Strip
Florida Hospital Lake Placid Heliport
Florida Hospital Sebring Heliport
Frierson Grove Airport
Gardner Airport
Goddard Seadrome
Griffin Blue Head Ranch Airport
Griffins Main Office Heliport
Griffins Peace River Ranch Airport
Highlands Regional Medical Center Heliport
Kings Port Airport
Lake Clinch Airpark
Lake Persimmon Airstrip
Lake Wales Heliport
Lake Wales Municipal Airport
Placid Lakes Airport
River Ranch Resort Airport
Rucks Dairy Airport
Sage Seadrome
Sebring Regional Airport
Sunshine Ranchettes Airport
Vinces Airport
Walker Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Wauchula Municipal Airport
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